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priscilla jayne

PJ Cleanse.jpg

Lately, I've been fascinated with juicing fruits and vegetables to eat more raw foods. It's refreshing to remove the fillers that weigh you down and to just give your body the core nutrients it needs. Similarly, your spirit needs a cleanse. It's a matter of removing the common layers piled on you by others and yourself through the years to become the purest form of you.

For a while I tried to follow the common routine: work, sleep, relax on weekends and begin again. But, I couldn't ignore the hunger for something more. I have to admit, I'm a planner. I love checklists. When I begin to feel overwhelmed at everything I'm attempting to accomplish, I jot it down to see these "attempts" truly become checked off accomplishments.

But there are some items so large, that they don't seem to fit on a checklist. These are aspirations. These items we carry deep in our souls. Sometimes too deep. But, they are never forgotten. As I have cleansed to re-evaluate myself and where I want to be, I naturally gravitate to chip away at these items. We have to make conscious efforts to move our lives forward in the direction we want. Don't fall asleep on your life!

I truly believe we all have a purpose. Yes, we can train ourselves to ignore it and find something where we feel comfortable and 100% capable of accomplishing. But, I challenge you. I challenge you to expect more from yourself. If you expect, you'll crave it. Ultimately, you'll master and develop it.