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priscilla jayne

The problem with ideas is that they live in your head. Until you work to make your ideas something tangible, they will never be anything more. This is true in art, business and life in general. Think about this. Let’s say you’re on the quest for the perfect match. You have an idea of who you want this person to be. And, you also have an idea of who you want to be. But if the two of you are just ideas, how can you expect anything? You have to be honest with yourself. Work at the weaknesses you want to diminish, so you can expect more.

The only way out is to make steps in another direction. There will always be a resistance. You have to be the one to move. If you stay still, it will pull you and snap you into a gridlock. Carry that resistance and get moving! Naturally, you’ll get stronger and stronger.

These are three ways I try to keep myself accountable:

1) Assess your loyalties. Is your time and devotion reaping you the return you anticipated? A good old-fashioned pros and cons list is always a helpful guide to show you what you need to do.

2) Get creative. Tackle things differently. Don’t be afraid of exercising a newfound perspective. There isn’t just one set way to get things done. Avoid limitations! Keep a running list of ideas on how to excite and vary your daily routine to stimulate growth. Revisit your ideas list monthly. Constant activity will inspire and motivate you to keep moving.

3) Time is a luxury. Though it can be healthy to indulge in stress-relieving guilty pleasures like binge TV watching and social media scans and updates, it should be limited. Keep in mind that stress is also a direct result from not devoting time to your goal. When you’re sincere with yourself, you’ll feel free. Make time to build.

Don’t let your goals wander out of your grasp. Create and harness intimacy between you and your goals. You know what you have to do. Stop lingering. Get up and get moving!


If you have any tips on what you do to keep yourself accountable, I’d love to hear it! Please comment below to let me know.