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Admire Your Artistry

priscilla jayne

I recently watched “Nightmare Factory,” a documentary on Oscar-winning special effects artist Greg Nicotero and his company KNB. Though I’m not a horror film fanatic, I admire the artistry behind it. The attention to detail and life-like prosthetics these artists create are truly and literally otherworldly.

There was a scene in the documentary where Nicotero showed his son a book he himself drew as a child. The book featured drawings of Dracula, a wolf and other monsters. This, to me is a beautiful love story. At a young age, he discovered his innate passion and pursued it to bring these monsters to life. 

Stories like these always ignite my pursuit for my passion. We all have our own set of challenges that make the road a little less than smooth to follow. It’s important to remember, your path creates your character and that each stride is a step closer to bringing your love story to life.

I’m not the same woman I was when I recorded my first album, but that’s the beauty of art—expressing a newfound perspective. My wish for you is to admire your artistry—the complexity that created you.