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Vision of You

priscilla jayne

"What do you do?" That wretched question that allows someone to define you based solely on your current stage. It truly is a narrow form of logic.

I've always approached work with a student's perspective: with a motive to acquire newfound knowledge or skills that will push me along in my career. For instance if you take charge of your own bookkeeping, that does not necessarily mean that you one day want to be an accountant. It's just a facet of what you do. It's a matter of understanding the fundamental facets that make the big picture.

You have to often remind yourself of your end goal. Remind yourself that you're navigating to something greater. What is your vision for you?

You may share a piece of your current path with someone else. That someone else may excel and gravitate away toward another path. But remember, the vision may not be the same. Success of any kind is not success of your vision.

People will offer advice and people will judge. It's up to you to define who you are. Build your life for you, not to mirror someone else's version of you.