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Actor. Voice-Over. Vocalist.

SAG/AFTRA Eligible

I marvel at the idea of building a relationship with you. But first, I'd like to court you by letting you know how seriously I undertake the endeavor of working with you. I understand that this is an exchange. As I request your representation, I would in turn represent you. So here, I’ll share my respect for the art of acting.

In all modes of creativity, we hear that artistry lies in vulnerability – the strength to share your truth. As an actor, I share my truth by writing to unlock the character in my skin. I'm an inquisitive artist. I write to reflect and articulate actions and motives. Writing allows me to step away from digital entrancement and reel back in toward my center. It keeps me rooted in authenticity and navigates me to live in roles. The characters I strongly identify with are these types: tough and sassy.

It's easy to cultivate relationships through our smartphones, but I thirst for more. Acting forces you to listen to your counterpart, so you can effectively interact. The process itself forces you to be a conscious human being.

I look forward to getting to know you and creating a relationship with you!

To contact me directly, please email