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priscilla jayne

As we step over the threshold from one year to the next, it’s important to create thresholds for ourselves. Thresholds allow you to see boundaries. Here are three ways you can create a great new year!

1) Grand picture. At the end of 2015, where do you want to see yourself? Work backwards from there and plot those milestones on your calendar. Even if those milestones move along your timeline, at least they are there. They will be constant reminders that they have to get done.

2) Gratitude. Reflect on your last year and be grateful for all the good you did do. The New Year is not a time to hit reset and start fresh. It’s the time to continue the good habits you created and continue to incorporate new ones.

3) Nurture yourself. Pay more attention to yourself. Get to know your weaknesses and strengths, so you know how to improve. If you make a bad decision that sets you back, know that it’s a bad decision and know how to make up for it to keep you prodding along toward your goals.

Don’t dismiss yourself. Don’t dismiss your needs. It’s a lot of work to carry out goals and plans, but it all starts with habits. It can be done. Cheers to healthy habits!